Cost-efficient solutions

We leverage the buying power of our extensive client base to negotiate a favorable cost structure and lower minimums with investment managers, which allows us to develop an investment approach that meets your clients’ needs in an economical way.

We develop an investment approach that meets your clients’ needs at a cost that is both reasonable and fair.

  • We provide lower costs and minimums with investment managers compared to a separate account UMA direct platform
  • Lower investment management costs often offset Greenrock costs
  • We charge 10-20 bps for Greenrock solutions that are implemented
  • We have relationships with investment managers that are unavailable on separate account direct platforms
  • Most RIAs pass our costs through to their clients
  • We have the capabilities to trade your existing accounts or models (if desired)

Your partnership with Greenrock

We understand and respect your client relationships, and enhancing those relationships is the cornerstone of the Greenrock service model. Our affiliation may be handled with your clients in various ways, at your discretion.

Co-branding strategy
You can co-brand your business with Greenrock and position our role as a trusted, outsourced CIO.

  • Provides the credibility and capabilities of a specialized resource to research and analyze investment options
  • Demonstrates an additional level of objectivity with regard to the investment selection process
  • Presents your business as larger and more expansive
  • Eliminates continuity risk or concerns due to key personnel departure
Private label strategy

You can maintain a private label representation, where Greenrock’s role is folded into your business seamlessly, and your firm is presented as a single entity from a client perspective.

How we categorize investment opportunities…

Global Fixed Income

  1. Intermediate Duration
  2. Negative correlation to stock market
  3. Taxable & Muni’s

Global Equities

  1. Dividend yield 50% to 100% greater than index
  2. Dividend growth higher than index
  3. Concentrated Portfolios

Liquid Alternatives

  1. Risk on/Risk off
  2. Outcome based solutions via managed volatility
  3. Low correlation to equity & fixed income

Disruptive Technology

  1. Growth allocation of portfolio long-term
  2. Diversified over many platforms & numerous technologies
  3. Different entry points due to volatility

Specialty Investments

  1. Temporary undervalued asset classes
  2. Private investments
  3. High potential return & risk