Our Process

You’ll notice the Greenrock difference from the initial conversation — because we focus on your needs first. And we never stop.

Needs Assessment

Our initial conversation is personal, empathic, and highly attuned to understanding your business and your clients’ needs.


We analyze your book of business to develop a directional investment strategy tailored to your client base and reflective of the market environment.

Plan of Action

Whether you’re looking for an outsourced CIO or you want to deepen your research team, we’re flexible in how we can work together.


We share our expertise and resources to give you an overview of forward-looking market conditions to ensure the needs and goals of your clients are met.


We keep you informed, involved, and increasingly capable of offering your clients the solutions they need.


We propose the ideal structure for your client portfolios. The plan could include separately managed accounts, unified managed accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, or a combination of these approaches.

Research + Design

We are forward-thinking in our research and our investment solutions are tailored to ensure your clients’ needs and objectives are met.


We are proactive in keeping you informed of changing market conditions and ensuring we have the latest information on your clients’ growth and income goals.


Our goal is for you to be confident and comfortable with your investment program. Thus, we strive to be good listeners and recognize that the best solutions come from a highly collaborative process.


We have no conflicts of interest. We take no form of compensation from the investment opportunities we recommend so you can be confident that you’re getting an objective, no-spin view on the solutions we recommend.


Our research digs deeper than statistics and reports. We get valuable face-time with portfolio managers and senior investment professionals across the country for real insight, analyzing all investments at the holdings level.

Ongoing Discovery

Research isn’t valuable for just a moment in time. We take the long view, continuously monitoring market conditions, evolving client needs and anomalies in your business while identifying new investment opportunities.


Our unique research tools are customized for the kind of deep research we do on a daily basis, benefitting you long past the first recommendation.


We’re continuously researching new investment managers and products. We are always looking to discover new opportunities that would add value to your program and help ensure that your clients’ objectives are met.


Anomalies, such as a sudden influx of cash or a shift in your clients’ situations require the kind of adaptability that our customized solutions provide.